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Dental Crowns: Uses, Types & Procedure

A crown is a restorative cover for a tooth that can no longer function or hold its shape. A crown is used when the tooth does not have enough surface area left for a simple filling due to cracking, chipping, or decay. A crown can also attach a bridge, protect weak teeth from fracturing, restore fractured teeth or cover badly shaped or discolored teeth.

dental-crownCrowns Types:
The most common type of crown is metal. Typically a gold alloy, compared with other crown types, less tooth structure needs to be removed and is gentler on opposing teeth. Metal crowns withstand biting and chewing forces well and probably last the longest in terms of wear down. The drawback to metal crowns is the metallic color cannot be masked.

Other crown types include porcelain-fused-to-metal, all resin dental crowns, or all ceramic or all porcelain crowns. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks. A consultation with our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Osborne Family Dentistry can help you choose which crown you might need as well as run you through the cost-benefits of each option available to you. Typically, you will find there is a trade-off in longevity and affordability as well as cosmetic appearance depending on the various options.

A crown can be accomplished in one or two visits to the dentist office. Many dental offices have the ability to make the crown right in the dental office during the crown preparation making a second visit unnecessary.

The first step is to prepare the tooth for the crown. The entire tooth will be examined and often x-rayed. The core of the tooth will be examined. If the core is damaged, a root canal may be necessary. Once the dentist is able to determine that the tooth can accept the crown, the tooth, and surrounding gum will be numbed. The tooth is then reshaped to best accept the crown.

It is either built up with a filing or filed down. An impression is then made of the tooth. These impressions are sent to a lab. If the lab is within the dental practice, the crown may be available right away. Otherwise, the patient will make a second appointment and return for the application of the new crown. If you are returning for your permanent crown, a temporary crown will be put over the freshly filled tooth. At the second visit or second stage of the same visit, the permanent crown is cemented into place.

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