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Osborne Family Dental kids dental service in North Canton, Ohio
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Payment Options

Payment Plan Options
Robert K. Osborne, DDS & Associates, Inc.

1. Full Payment with Adjustment. Payment on entire treatment plan of $1,500 or more on or before the first appointment. This option entitles you to a 6% downward adjustment in fees.

General Dentist North Canton2. Half and Half. Fifty percent of the total treatment proposal is payable on or before the first appointment. The second half is payable on or before the appointment at which treatment is completed.

3. 90 Days, same as cash. First 1/3 is due on or before treatment is begun. The second 1/3 is due on or before the appointment at which treatment is completed. The last 1/3 will be billed and is due by the due date on the statement.

4. Layaway. Make monthly payments at a rate you set. Treatment is commenced once the treatment proposal fee is 50% paid for. Then, continue paying at the same monthly amount until fees are paid in full. Payment is limited to eight months total.

5. Visa / MasterCard / Discover: Pay As You Go or Level Billing. Visa, MasterCard or Discover Payment. Pay fees for services rendered each day (Pay-as-you-go), or divide the total treatment plan by the number of estimated appointments and pay in equal amounts, once per visit (Level Billing).

6. CareCredit. See brochure for details.

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